Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The Real Story of the Rape of Christine Ford

Stilton's Place
Finally some important questions about Christine Ford's ordeal have been answered.  Sources close to the victim of this unprecedented act of depravity have revealed that Christine was abducted on November 28, 1982, coincidentally the date marking her 16th birthday, by a ship load of drunken aliens.  Aliens on a quest for Earth's rarest item---a 16 year old virgin.  Needless to say, their quest for the Golden Fleece only yielded an over-used sea sponge.  Suffice to say, Christine was returned to earth, but not before a specially designed robot was allowed to have his way with the less than perfect girl.
On a serious note.  I doubt we've heard the last from Dr. Ford and  believe her tale will turn out to be nothing more than a fictional account of nothingness from a sick mind.   

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