Wednesday, March 22, 2017

British Parliament attacked by unvetted Terrorist after condemning Trump for vetting

We are not sure yet, but signs are that today's terrorist attack in London was carried out by an unvetted terrorist.  It is rather ironic that the attack came on the same Parliament that banned Trump because of his position on immigrant vetting. 

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Top News Headlines from 2100

After years of study by astute prognosticators at S.H.I.T (Sam Houston University of Technology) researchers are now able to predict within a .0001% of accuracy the headlines that will be viewed by the well indoctrinated automatons of that era. 

1.  Hell freezes over; global-warming deniers exploit incident to mislead public

2.   Male silverback gorilla elected to serve on PETA board of directors; feminist gorillas resign in protest

3.   Harvard researchers find new proof that national deficit of $500 trillion is Bush's fault

4.   Last living Republican succumbs to euthanasia; few even remember the name of outlawed party in post-political era beyond 2030

5.   Hollywood studios: John Wayne, Gary Cooper, and Humphrey Bogart to be airbrushed out of all movies and replaced by Matt Damon, George Clooney, and Denzel Washington

6.   Public education reaches important milestone as all New York schools report 100% identical test scores in reading, writing, and arithmetic

7.   Man gets 10 years hard labor for starting a business in competition with government services

8.   Iceland declared pariah nation for failure to live up to UN racial diversity standards

9.   As Iran resumes missile bombardment of European cities, EU intensifies pressure on Israel to dismantle settlements

10.  Court faces hate-crime quandary as Hispanic teen attacks gay man protesting construction of mosque

11.  Chicago Olympics threatened by advancing glaciers; police rounds up local global-warming deniers as a preventive measure

12.  Court rules to dismantle US beef industry, convert barns and pens into rest homes for elderly cows, bulls, and the transbovined

13.  Necrophiliacs demand marriage rights; gravediggers’ union threatens walkout

14. World to end as Asteroid 'Trump B-52', named after the 45th president, crashes into Earth on December 31, 2100 

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Pamela Anderson refuses to deny romance with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange on late night trip to Ecuadorian Embassy

Pamela Anderson made a late night visit to the Ecuadorian Embassy last night – and refused to deny she’s currently dating its long term resident Julian Assange. The Baywatch star, 49, smiled coyly as she hurried inside her 45-year-old boyfriend’s ‘home’, where he has been holed-up since 2012 fighting extradition to Sweden on rape charges. Pamela Anderson looked coy as she hurried in to the Ecuadorian Embassy wearing a camel coat and knee-high boots, Pamela looked excited as she hurried to the grand building’s front door. She’s a regular visitor to Julian, and the other week was pictured leaving there after an hour meeting looking rather dishevelled and flustered. Earlier in the evening, Pamela was a star guest on The Nightly Show, where she again spoke highly of the Australian whistleblower.  Read more of the "leaked" details of this story HERE!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Mother Of Two Killed By Five-Time Deportee In Alcohol-Fueled Crash in California

LOS ANGELES, CA – It was a day that began like so many others. But in the end, it was a day that would forever change the lives of the Duran family of Arleta. On the afternoon of Feb. 19, Sandra Duran, 42 — a mother, daughter and sister — was killed in a violent car crash on a rain-slicked road in North Hills. Los Angeles police say Estuardo Alvarado, the man who allegedly caused the collision, was speeding down Sepulveda Boulevard as he tried to flee the scene of another crash and slammed into a car being driven by Duran, who died at the scene. Alvarado was arrested moments after the crash.  Read more on this shocking story HERE!

Threatening Fault Line Just Discovered off coast of Southern California Possible 7.4 Quake Looming

The odds of the earth moving beneath the feet of Southern Californians just got a lot higher. According to a newly published study, a fault line that stretches along that coast could produce earthquakes far more severe than previously suspected. The research centered on what has long been considered two distinct geological features: the Newport-Inglewood Fault and the Rose Canyon Fault. It turns out that these two systems are actually one continuous fault. Like an underwater scar, this fault traces a jagged route from San Diego Bay to the Los Angeles Basin. It runs parallel to several highly populated regions of the state and into Tijuana, Mexico, and is never more than 4 miles from shore. And, researchers say, an earthquake emerging from this fault could reach a magnitude of 7.4 on land—enough to cause considerable damage and deaths.  Read more on this discovery HERE!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

With today's Wiretapping revelation Trump hammers down on the former community organizer, Barack Obama

Sitting at the winter White House, Mar-a-Lago, President Trump decided the former president is in fact a slimy piece of crap whose only goal is to bring down his presidency.  Rumors of the Trump Tower wiretapping had been circulating for sometime.  Obama and his gang of co-conspirators never thought their campaign tricks would see the light of day and that Trump would go quietly into the night after losing the election.  Truth is ex-president Obama and those around him never believed Donald would beat their precious Hillary Clinton.  And with that victory would take the reigns of power and be able to ferret out the unethical if not illegal acts they committed during the 2016 election.  The unsavory truth will soon be known and that exulted place Barack holds with many will forever be tarnished.