Monday, August 22, 2016

Will Hillary Clinton release her Medical Records?

The Hillary campaign has been calling for Donald Trump to release his 2015 tax returns.  Wouldn't it be fitting if Hillary would release her medical records, since there have been recurring stories about her health in recent years.  Compared to Trump her infrequent rallies and news conferences leads some to believe she is hiding something, or just perhaps the old gal is running out of gas due to lingering health problems.  Getting old can be a bitch!  But not as big of one as the woman from Chappaqua! 

Friday, August 19, 2016

Three Words forbidden at Democratic Party Events

Bowing to the wishes of the activist who comprise the "Black Lives Matter" movement, those in the National Democratic Party would never dare use the forbidden phase "All Lives Matter".  To most in the Democratic Party that would be akin to using the "N" word.  For decades now, Democrats have been pandering to the black community just before election day.  However following the election, those in the black ghetto across America, get little or nothing for their over-whelming support for party candidates.  Perhaps one day those in that community who blindly vote for Democrats will see the light and give their vote to the best candidate and not simply the one with a "d" after their name on the ballot!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Justice Department study identifies cause of Lootiong

An extensive DOJ report shows why people loot.  Seems it only occurs when free food, free housing and welfare checks just aren't enough!  According to those in the Obama Justice Department the only solution is to open stores in Ghetto neighborhoods on Friday and Saturday nights and allow residents to take anything they want for three hours and if the shelf's are empty before the allotted time is over the owner of that offending business would be required to restock or face severe fines and/or prison for depriving useful citizens of their Obama given rights.
Both the DNC and Hillary Clinton have already expressed their support for this measure and pledged to have it enacted into law when Hillary becomes President in 2017.  This plan also has the support of 99.9% of the residents in areas that will be covered under the new law.  Apparently the .1% opposing consist of local Korean, Pakistan, Indian and Uncle Tom Black merchants.