Thursday, October 11, 2018

Grab you Fiddle there is a Civil War Coming

There are somethings that Progressives just can't and will never comprehend.  It's just not the difference between a violin and a fiddle, but a host of things their feeble minds will never comprehend.  The gap between East and West coast liberals and the American Heartland is widening.  And that growing gulf is beginning to equal that before the great American Civil War.  A division that could only be solved by a force of arms.  If the voices on the left continue their drift toward violence and incivility the onrushing events can have but one outcome.  And once again, the force of arms will determine which side wins and which is vanquished in the ensuing conflict.  Bullets will once again determine the victor.  And just like the war between the states, the side that has the most guns will prevail.  Need one even ask, which side will the NRA join?  It seems apparent that the left is even more stupid than I ever thought possible.     

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The Real Story of the Rape of Christine Ford

Stilton's Place
Finally some important questions about Christine Ford's ordeal have been answered.  Sources close to the victim of this unprecedented act of depravity have revealed that Christine was abducted on November 28, 1982, coincidentally the date marking her 16th birthday, by a ship load of drunken aliens.  Aliens on a quest for Earth's rarest item---a 16 year old virgin.  Needless to say, their quest for the Golden Fleece only yielded an over-used sea sponge.  Suffice to say, Christine was returned to earth, but not before a specially designed robot was allowed to have his way with the less than perfect girl.
On a serious note.  I doubt we've heard the last from Dr. Ford and  believe her tale will turn out to be nothing more than a fictional account of nothingness from a sick mind.   

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Democratic Socialist: "It's the Rich People's fault that I am Poor"

If you think you have a right to a college diploma at another person's expense you just might be a Democratic Socialist.  

If you think majoring in the glories of Karl Marx you might be a Democratic Socialist.  

If you are waiting for someone to pay off your student loans you might be a Democratic Socialist.  

Truth is if you don't really want a real job you are a Democratic Socialist.  

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Ocasio-Cortez demands free stuff for everyone

Is Democratic Socialism coming to America.  If so, the prison population of this nation will undergo a drastic change, will drug dealers and burglars being set free and honest hard-working Americans jailed for not wanting to give up their stuff.  Democratic Socialism will work only until the socialist run out of other people's stuff to give away.  Then the sh*t hits the fan. 

Democratic Socialism: When the majority votes to take you stuff and give it to others

The only real difference be communism and Democratic Socialism is the commie will shoot you or put you in a gulag if you resist.  Whereas the Democratic Socialism, for the moment anyway, will only arrest you.  But fear not, they will eventually fill the graveyards as they gain more and more power.  Just look at the violence coming from those on the far left now.  With this bunch of crazies nothing is off the table.  

Democratic National Committee tried to rig 2016 Presidential Election

I suspect the DNC used more corrupt tactics during the 2016 presidential election than the Russians did.  However, with today's spin on this election by Democrats and their kissing cousins in the MSM they have succeeded in muddying the waters so much no one will ever know the extend of their activities.