Thursday, October 11, 2018

Grab you Fiddle there is a Civil War Coming

There are somethings that Progressives just can't and will never comprehend.  It's just not the difference between a violin and a fiddle, but a host of things their feeble minds will never comprehend.  The gap between East and West coast liberals and the American Heartland is widening.  And that growing gulf is beginning to equal that before the great American Civil War.  A division that could only be solved by a force of arms.  If the voices on the left continue their drift toward violence and incivility the onrushing events can have but one outcome.  And once again, the force of arms will determine which side wins and which is vanquished in the ensuing conflict.  Bullets will once again determine the victor.  And just like the war between the states, the side that has the most guns will prevail.  Need one even ask, which side will the NRA join?  It seems apparent that the left is even more stupid than I ever thought possible.     

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