Thursday, June 29, 2017

Piltdown Man identified as Russian colluder

First it was believed to be a missing link in the chain of hominid evolution in 1908, then it was alleged to be a total hoax in 1953. But recent investigations into the remains of Piltdown Man may have revealed the Russian colluder who stole the 2016 US presidential election from Hillary Clinton and assured an unfair Trump victory. Dr. Charles Pelham Fraser-Binghampton of the University of Edinburgh’s prestigious paleontology department made the stunning discovery with the assistance of Professor Yuri “Covfefe” Leonov of Moscow State University. 

“I was utterly gobsmacked,” said Fraser-Binghampton, “One day you think, ‘O this thing’s just an old hoax,’ and then you do the DNA analysis and get these totally unexpected results. I bought the old line that this was a patchwork of different fragments of human and ape remains, but CNN and the BBC kept insisting that there was collusion between Russia and Trump in the last presidential election. Logically, I thought to myself that in light of this new evidence, Piltdown Man needs another look. I couldn’t believe what we discovered next.”  Read more.....

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