Saturday, June 24, 2017

New Comprehensive Investigation Involving Trump

Sources say Chuck Schumer will be announcing today at 12pm ET, that he will be organizing a new bi-partisain investigation committee into Donald Trump's recklessness on putting Greens.

According to Chuck Schumer, the Senate investigation amounts to a credibility test for Trump — a chance to prove his willingness to answer uncomfortable questions about his golf game. 

Schumer ticked off questions he hoped the committee would ask. 

“Was this really about something else?” Schumer asked. “No doubt we’ll have an opportunity to question Mr. Trump, about what happened. Was Mr. Trump in a tournament - What kind of tournament was it, a scramble? Did Mr. Trump purposely drive his golf cart onto the putting green to impede the golfers approaching - Was there collusion between Mr. Trump and the Club House?" 

He ended his remarks with a direct challenge.  Read more.....

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