Friday, June 16, 2017

Homeland Security Chief Cancels Program Protecting Illegal Alien Parents

Realistically, the point of all these “harsh” illegal immigration policies is not necessarily to round up tons of illegal and deport them, though that is a side benefit. The point is to reduce the flow of illegals, who are being put on notice that past shenanigans, such as bringing your kids to the U.S. illegally/coming illegally and having kids on U.S. soil will no longer work as a means to stay in the country. 

Trump administration cancels program to protect immigrant parents from deportation. 

Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly formally revoked a policy memo that created the Deferred Action for Parents of Americans program. The revocation came on the fifth anniversary of another effort that has protected hundreds of thousands of young immigrants from deportation. 

The program to protect parents was announced by President Obama in November 2014 but was never fully launched. It was intended to keep the immigrant parents safe from deportation and provide them with a renewable work permit good for two years, but it was blocked by a federal judge in Texas after 26 states filed suit against the federal government and challenged the effort’s legality.  Read more.....

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