Monday, February 6, 2017

Why is Nazi Swastika graffiti found on the walls in predominately Liberal infested areas?

Recently their was an extensive news report on CNN, that showed subway passengers in NYC removing Swastika and anti-Muslim graffiti from the walls of a subway car.  Acts like those of the stealth graffiti writers makes me wonder why they always seem to happen in areas where the vast majority of people are liberal Democrats.  The CNN piece, never questioned the source of the graffiti, but gave the distinct impression that it must have been Trump supporters who defaced the train walls.  I suspect those graffiti artist were Trump haters seeking to gain the attention of the liberal media---CNN made sure they were successful.  In fact, I wonder if the same people CNN filmed taking down the graffiti, were the same ones that put it up in the first place.  Liberals have a long and well documented history of attempting such deceptions.  I'm also quite sure that the New York City Transit Authority has CCTV film showing exactly who the culprits are.  But I seriously doubt they would ever release or even admit to having such material unless those people happened to be Trumpites.  After all most politicians in New York City are certainly no friend to Donald Trump or his policies. 

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