Friday, February 10, 2017

The most dangerous man in America is a Democrat with a Gun

Have you ever noticed that in those areas where the voters are predominately Democrat, in some cases over 100%, gun deaths are spiking.  One must wonder since these areas normally don't have gun ranges like are found in the rural areas of the country the oppressed Democrats there are just poor shots.  The many deaths of innocent bystanders would seem to support this theory.  It should also be noted, as the above image depicts, those Democrats that do possess firearms are indeed a dangerous bunch.  Thank god most in the progressive community don't own a gun.  It is indeed, a blessing!  One could easily say that a Democrat with a gun is the most dangerous critter walking the streets of America.
President Trump has called on Congress to authorize funds for the purchase and distribution 10,000,000 of the above pistols.  They will be provided free of charge to all intercity gang members and be given to college students for security in their campus safe spaces.

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