Thursday, December 1, 2016

Following Trump victory, record breaking "Liberal Tear Fall" floods L A River

The record breaking "Tear Fall" coming from distraught Democrats following the election of Donald Trump has flooded the normally dry Los Angeles River.  The tear downfall in the Hollywood area was especially heavy leaving many stranded on their million dollar mansions.  While others were swept away by the rising waters precipitated by the Trump revolution.  However farmers in the Central Valley area who were strong Trump supporters, are cheering the floods in LA because the heavy tear-fall there will bring an end to the drought in the farming areas of the state.  A drought brought on by the big city folks filling their swimming pools and Jacuzzi's with water diverted from the Central Valley.  And let's not forget the millions of gallons of the farmer's life blood (water) wasted to save the sardine-like delta smelt.  One might say, California farmers got two for the price of one with the Trump win.  A slap in the face of liberals and an end to the drought.  

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