Wednesday, July 5, 2017

California Dems Withdraw Insane Socialized Medicine Bill, Now Face Death Threats

What goes around comes around. Even Democrat lawmakers have to deal with increasingly aggressive leftist bullying in the wake of an unfundable plan to impose socialized medicine on California getting spiked: 

California Democratic lawmakers are facing a brutal backlash from union activists and others on the left after shelving a universal health care bill – a debate that has grown so intense that lawmakers say they’ve faced death threats and other violent rhetoric. 

Assembly Democrats publicly decried the “bullying tactics” in a written statement over the weekend, maintaining that lawmakers are committed to improving health care but need to have an “open discourse.” 

You know, like we had before ObamaCare was rammed down our throats in the dead of night with no one having read it. Speaker Anthony Rendon (D-Lakewood) postponed the advancement of SB 562, a healthcare bill that would provide free everything to everyone (including foreigners in the country illegally), at the cost of bankrupting the state. Leftists are not pleased:   Read more.....

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