Monday, February 20, 2017

Politicians are now deciphering the "Fake News" being spread by the Media

There was a time in the not too distant past when you could click on your TV or read the Sunday morning paper and find out what was going on.  Those days are gone.  Because in the day and time the media for the most part has become an arm of the National Democratic Party.  Now we have to depend on trusted political leaders to translate the propaganda flooding the airways.  The old adage that you can "believe nothing you hear and only  half of what you see" has come to pass.  There are no longer "hard news" commentators at the news networks--everyone has an agenda.  And that agenda does not include the truth, but rather those facts that support the opinion of the reporter.  Facts that run counter to the narrative the media wishes to promote are simply omitted or twisted to fit the desired mold.  And should anyone dare to question the media, that person will find himself condemned by the press and even labeled as being UN-American and a threat to the First Amendment. Those in the media see themselves as the guardians of democracy, but they have become the gate-keepers that would shutout opposing ideas.  Kind of reminds you of what's happening these days on university campuses across the nation.  Perhaps that explains the media---they are after all products of those same campuses.

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