Thursday, December 29, 2016

Obama is out of Peaceful Transition mode, it's now "Death to Trump's America

From the early days of Obama's first term in office, Barack promised to have the most transparent administration in history.  The reality, however was something else.  Many tried to see thru that lump of coal that was the Obama White House, but for some reason only those who were his most dedicated followers and the adorning media saw what they perceived as the light.  However, now in his late month in office Obama has kept that promised transparency by pulling back the veil and revealing his true self.  He has shown himself to be a hater of Israel.  Whether this hate is a product of his Muslim roots or perhaps an indoctrination by his antisemitic professors at Columbia and Harvard one will never know.  But the fact is Barack Hussein Obama is the first president since the formation of Israel in 1948 to stab that tiny nation in the back.  The actions of his State Department at the United Nations gave America and the world a true picture of his attitude toward the people's of the Jewish State.  Finally, we have transparency from the Obama administration.

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