Monday, December 12, 2016

Hacked NASA Documents reveal World will End in 2017

WikiLeaks has just released hacked NASA documents that point to the collision of earth with a 70 mile wide asteroid sometime in the early part of 2017.  A collision that would end all life on earth with the possible exception of some cave-dwelling troglodytes living in remote areas of the American heartland.  Some Democrats are outraged that these unlawfully hacked documents have been released, claiming the American people have no right to know and they simply cannot handle the truth.  While others are claiming this is just an underhanded ploy of the incoming Trump administration that would enable the new President to issue sweeping executive orders. 

A note to Google censors and those concerned about fake news stories.  This is just political satire.  Satire pointing out the foolishness of some pundits in the media and Democratic party that actually spew fake stories.  Stories intended to De-legitimize the election of  2016. 

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