Sunday, October 2, 2016

Will there be Massive Voter Fraud in Black Precincts in 2016

Has  anyone noticed that when reports on voter fraud surface, it is almost always the Republicans accusing Democrats of being the culprits.  Rarely is it the reverse.  And invariably, those in the media will declare voter fraud to be as rare as that elusive "hen's tooth".  This does make one wonder WTF is going on.  Could it just be, there are certain voting precincts where criminal activity is the norm and not the exception that would encourage and engage in voter fraud.  Let me assure you, people being what they are, voter fraud is real and just perhaps rampant in America and this observer believes it comes primarily from those on the left.  Call me racist, but the black controlled precincts in the major population centers are in all likelihood the biggest offenders.   

It should be noted that fact check sites like "Snopes" and other left-leaning media groups are quick to cast doubts on almost any story of voter fraud.  That should be expected, as they are in the progressive fold and will stop at nothing to expunge such stories before they gain traction with the general public.  As an observer of numerous past presidential elections, more than I wish to acknowledge, I was often amazed at the number of mysterious lost ballots that suddenly appeared in the urban centers when the Democrat candidate appeared to be losing the election.  This mind-boggling miracle has occurred over and over again in recent history.  It never ceases to amaze this observer the lengths some will stoop too, to insure their candidate wins the election.  Some will simply pull up or tear down yard signs while others will deface billboards on public property.  And then there are those who operate on a grand scale (we would be foolish to deny this fact) to effectively steal an election.  Whether you believe the above story or not you can be sure there are people out there who will stop at nothing, absolutely nothing to insure their man or woman wins the election.  Sorry, but that's the way things are today, yesterday and in all likelihood tomorrow.

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