Monday, September 5, 2016

President Hillary Clinton Misplaces Nuclear Launch Code

Less than one month into her first term as President 3 North Korean missiles are sent streaking toward targets in North America.  The Pentagon informed the commander-in-chief that we need to retaliate immediately.  Unfortunately, because of her head injury, President Hillary Clinton is unable to remember where she placed the nuclear launch codes.  Just could be a tad less larger mistake than her email fiasco according to sources who were not at the former White House when Korean Missiles launched.  

Today's Bonus

Now Bill, "that depends on what the meaning of Blow is"!  Apparently Bill and Hillary have something else in common, they both received "head" blows!  
Bill's "head blow" resulted in a unscheduled cleaning 
of Oval Office carpet.  
While Hillary's head blow caused memory loss when 
questioned by FBI!

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