Thursday, May 19, 2016

Obama breaks silence on crash of Egyptair Flight 804

Egyptair Flight 804 crashed earlier today in the Mediterranean Sea between Greece and Egypt, on a flight from Paris to Cairo.  Leaders in France and Egypt have been quick to identify terrorism as the most probable cause of this tragedy.  However, after hours of silence on this subject, President Obama has finally stepped to the podium accompanied by his trusty teleprompter to tell the world what happened some 38,000 feet above the Mediterranean Sea.  Although the President did not rule out terrorism, he did indicate it could not be the work of Islamic Terrorist.  Because after all,  no such thing exist.  Barack went on to say that the recent rise of violent Coptic Christian groups in Egypt led he and others in his administration to believe this act could very well be the work of Christian Terrorist.  Pointing to the Holy Crusades of some 800 years ago Obama continued, "that Christian violence against peaceful Muslims has been going on since the days of the legendary Spanish hero, El Cid".  Obama closed, by saying the United States government would bring to justice any non-Muslim responsible for this criminal act. 

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