Thursday, September 26, 2013

Politically Correct Guns

Politically Correct Guns is a take-no-prisoners invasion of the Gun Control crowd's territory, lobbing humor grenades at their hypocrisy, bombing their misplaced zeal with clever vignettes, and surrounding their anti-gun rhetoric with such pointed parody that even Gun-Banner Bill Clinton will have to laugh at himself. Alan Gottlieb has done it again with Politically Correct Guns , defending our gun rights with wit and facts-and this time, with some really strange but true stories. Like the section on Goofy Gun Laws, which tell of a town that makes it illegal for a woman to shoot in the direction of a police officer with the intention of shooting off his neck tie! And the Drug Enforcement Agency officer who shot a topless bar owner for putting a cdover charge on his bachelor party! And Teddy Kennedy's armed bodyguard who got arrested in a Senate Office Building while trying to check his weapons before escorting his anti-gun boss on a big trip! This is a must reading for every gun owner- and every gun control advocate, too!


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