Sunday, February 14, 2010

Obama: Communist Then? Socialist Now?

We have all wondered about Obama's college years a secret which is well guarded and hidden from public view despite the fact that he is now president of the United States. I recently came across a post at Bungaloo Bills via a link at Crusader Rabbit that may shed some light on part of Obama's dark and mysterious past. It seems that one of his old college buddies is now stepping forward with some revealing details about his sorted past.

Is this new information or has it been out there for sometime. It would seem that some in the MSM would have latched onto this story and presented it to the public, but no that was not to be. One is forced to ask why! Why the silence. The answer is both simple and frightening. Many in the so-called MSM have had the same experiences in college that Obama had as a young man---a love affair with communism and at the very least with socialism and they see nothing unusual, nothing news worthy with Barack associating himself with communist elements while in college. To them its the norm and not the exception. This is there world and they cringe from revealing it to the general public. In many ways its a guarded secret, a dark side of American liberalism---this love affair with socialism and to a lesser extent communism.

So the exposer of this fascination, this infatuation with collectivist systems must come from individuals on the right for it will never come from those collectivist on the left, who are vastly over represented in the MSM.

Obama a Marxist in College?

The Obama college years remain a black hole in Obama's past. We really don't know much about Obama's college years other than the first few college years were a blur of drug usage and partying.

Now a college professors who knew Obama in college is shedding some light on the Obama college years. Drugs may not be the only thing Obama dabbled with in college. The professor posted a blog and is conducted interviews on Obama's intrigue with Marxism.

This story isn't new. The mainstream media including Fox News ignored the story. Dr. John C. Drew claims he was a Marxist as well when he enrolled in college himself.

Drew had an encounter with Obama to specifically discuss Marxism. He was dating a girl who knew Barack Obama. His girlfriend came home one day excited wanting Drew to meet this man, knowing their philosophical views were similar. They eventually went out to dinner, drinks, partied, and discussed each other's Marxist views. Drew discusses more about the conversation in the video interview below.

Drew describes himself as a serious Marxist, including being an enemy of the US government, while he was in college. When they met, Drew describes Obama's views were parallel with Drew's views. He was one of the brotherhood, ready for revolution. Obama wasn't just an explorer of intellectual Marxism. He embraced Marxist Leninism.

Drew says Obama was in 100% agreement with his Marxist professors in college. He looked forward to a revolution in this country to overturn the power structure. This is a fascinating interview, because we may be seeing those revolutionary efforts engaged in front of us as Obama's policies appear to be dooming the country more than helping.

Drew has a Communist radar like gay men have gaydar. He has no doubt that Obama was a hard-core Marxist in college. I don't think this comes to any surprise as we have watched Obama wiggle around the Socialist label, while his critics have gone as far as equating socialism to racism. Of course Obama is working to give the power to the state by creating more dependency on the central government. This interview will further confirm what most of us suspect. Obama's roots are placed in the Communist Manifesto and other radical documents like Rules for Radicals--which is socialist/communist propaganda.

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