Sunday, January 31, 2010

Without Warning: Super Bowl XLIV is Cancelled!

A lone figure strolls casually into Grand Central Station in NYC and proceeds to the public lockers and places a large suitcase in an end locker. Unnoticed, he leaves the building. An hour later the same man enters Union Station and repeats the same act. During the next three days this act is repeated at South Station in Boston, 30th Street Station in Philadelphia, Peach Tree Station in Atlanta and the Miami-Dade Station in Miami.

Upon leaving the Miami station this same man drives a large utility van to the parking area outside of Sun Life Stadium on the day of the Super Bowl and waits nervously for the crowds who are already assembling for the big game---a game that will not be played on this tragic day! Exactly one hour before kickoff time the peace of New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Miami and the parking area outside Sun Life Stadium is shattered as another day is marked in future history books by an Islamic terrorist who hates America.

The game is cancelled! Obama is shaken! The country is aroused! And for a brief moment the nation stands united! The war has come to Obama. Over a thousand have died. At that same moment another man enters Union Station in Los Angeles carrying a large suitcase.

Fictional yes, for the moment. Will such an event happen? Most assuredly! And it will happen again and again as long as we play the game of war. You see the enemy is not playing, for them its not a game but a cause, a deeply held belief that they are good and we are evil and they must rid the world of the great Satan---that's us! How many more Americans must be lost before we unleash the full might of the nation to destroy this enemy? Our greatest enemy for the moment are those leaders of ours that are blind to the onrushing threat that is growing throughout the Islamic world.

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