Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Will Obama Move to the Center?

Many are now waiting to see if the recent election in Massachusetts and the election of a Republican will cause president Obama to moderate, to move to the center of the political spectrum, much as Bill Clinton did after the disaster the democrats faced following the off year elections in 1994. The answer here is simple for most astute political observers---he will not. Bill Clinton was a member of the political left, but not an extreme radical like Obama. Obama will go down with the ship before he abandons his deeply held political convictions. He is not a finger in the wind kind of guy like Slick Willy. Obama thinks he is right and the majority of the people in this country are wrong. He lied during his campaign, indicating he would govern from the center, but once in office he forgot his campaign promises, promises he never intended to keep, to the American people and pushed ahead with his radical agenda. The vote last night in Massachusetts is a message to Washington, but a message that will fall on deaf ears in the Oval Office, but maybe some in Congress (those who are up for re-election this year) will hear the voters of the Bay State and tens of million more like them throughout this great nation.

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