Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Un-Patriotic Americans - Traitors!


Who are those that would trample the Constitution in the name of social justice? Who are those that would tear down the borders of this nation in the name of multiculturalism? Who are those that would destroy American nationalism and replace it with a new world order? Who are those that turn a blind eye to the real enemies of America while pointing to the traditional American patriot as the enemy? Who are these people? They are those in the American Progressive movement. These liberals (progressives) have now found a home in the national Democratic party and in fact, have taken over that organization. And our new president now leads this un-patriotic band of traitors who are hell-bent on destroying the America of our fathers.

The list of crimes of these un-patriotic Americans is long and growing at an alarming rate, but at the same time many are beginning to see the ungodly goals of this bunch of traitors. And now the flames of the Revolution are being rekindled in today's patriot and the days of these American traitors are numbered. And unlike Benedict Arnold, these new traitors will meet justice in the end at the hands of the very Patriots they seek to destroy.

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