Monday, January 11, 2010

A Stranger in the Land

Remember the old movies showing the first white man setting foot on the shores of the New World and being greeted as some long awaited god. Remember how this new stranger was exalted and worshiped by the natives of this new land, because of the wondrous things he brought with him and the great healing powers he possessed. The simple natives of this strange new land were in awe of this great visitor. And showered him with all manner of wealth and treasure and trembled in his mere presence.

Suddenly one day the natives woke, woke from their trance and saw this stranger not as god, but as an intruder. An intruder, who would change their world, their very lives and their anger was great and uncontrolled as they tried to drive the stranger from their land.

Obama is like this stranger in the land, a land he doesn't know, a land he doesn't understand, a land he doesn't love. The natives are slowly learning that this "god" is a mere man, not a man like them, but one who would change their world to his liking. And now they are preparing to drive him from their mist.

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