Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sheriff "Joe" Is In the Crosshairs Again!

Sheriff Joe is under fire again and faces a possible indictment by grand jury that could cost him his office. Arpaio's enemies have caught the ear of a newly appointed U.S. attorney, one who was the chief of staff of former governor Janet Napolitano. Yes, sheriff Joe, you need to batten down the hatches for the long knifes are out and Obama is feeling his oats. Obama and his gang will turn over ever rock in search of that one small infraction that will get you removed from office. These guys will stop at nothing to insure that more illegals will flood into the country. Don't forget Joe, this is census year and all those new illegals from south of the border need to be counted so the democrats can gain more representation in the future. More illegals also means more funds for all the social programs the progressives deem necessary in order to maintain continued support from the outstretched hands waiting for their handouts.

Joe, you are an obstruction. You stand in the way of Obama's plan for the southwest, yes you must go and your enemies are digging, digging for that bit of dirt, that will send you packing, then its good-bye and good riddance as far as those on the progressive left are concerned. Never mind that you are enforcing the laws of this nation, laws that the federal government refuses to acknowledge, let alone follow.

America’s Toughest Sheriff Faces New Fight

He is Arizona’s most popular politician and arguably America’s toughest sheriff, but today Joe Arpaio faces his biggest challenge: a grand jury investigation that could cost him his office.

“It is not right for law enforcement to abuse its authority in this way,” said Paul Charlton, a former US Attorney now representing one of Arpaio’s legal targets. “If you find yourself living in a place where law enforcement investigates its enemies and accuses judges who rule against them of crimes, you are either living in a third world county or Maricopa country.”

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office is America’s fourth largest sheriff’s department. For 18 years is has been run by Joe Arpaio, a flamboyant former Las Vegas cop and DEA agent who turned a local law enforcement agency into a national headline machine.

Arpaio forced inmates to wear pink underwear, claiming the color ‘calmed’ them. He created the nation’s first female chain gang. He reduced inmate meals from three to two a day, claiming to serve the cheapest prisoner meal in the U.S. at just 15 cents each.

Arpaio eliminated coffee, salt and pepper from inmate meals and banned skin magazines from jail cells. Inmates' TV choices: the Disney Channel and C-SPAN. He created a tent city to handle inmate overcrowding. Those who complained about the heat got this from Arpaio. "It's 120 degrees in Iraq and the soldiers are living in tents and they didn't commit any crimes, so shut your mouths." read more from FOX

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