Wednesday, January 27, 2010

No Curtain Call Tonight Barack

Get ready for the the slight of hand that is coming tonight in the State of the Union speech. Yes, Obama will appear to have heard the voice of the people and will call for a three year spending freeze on all discretionary spending. What Obama calling for a spending freeze what does it mean? Are we out of money? Yes we are! Have the Chinese finally cut us off? Maybe, who knows---it would never be made public if true. Has Obama heard the people? Yes, you bet, but is he listening and did he get the message---hell no! So what's really cooking in the Oval Office? What kind of witches brew is being made to lull the American people to sleep or put them in that 2008 trance again.

Well tonight we will get the story, not the full story, for we only will hear those things which Obama and company want us to. Those things Barack thinks will satisfy us for the moment. Things that he hopes will placate us until after the fall elections. This speech tonight will be political and has nothing to do with the welfare of the nation. It is the welfare of Obama and gang that is the concern, but his smooth flowing words will hide that truth and many will buy what this snake-oil salesman is peddling. I will watch this show tonight knowing it is just theatre and Obama is just for the moment, the leading man in a show that's already a flop! After all, if a show doesn't play well in Boston it never makes it to Broadway. Sorry, No Curtain Calls Tonight Barack!

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