Friday, January 15, 2010

"No Barry", You Can't Have That!

A short year ago, Obama was "King of the World" and this liberal leader was at the helm of a great progressive movement than many pundits said would last for decades and those in the MSM proclaimed the death of conservatism. Things have changed and today a virtually little know state senator in the deep blue state of Massachusetts in threatening to take the seat formerly held by Teddy Kennedy.

Progressive will look for many reasons for this fall, but none will admit a simply truth, no its not his style, its not his coolness, it none of these personal attributes---its his radicalism! He is way to far to the left of the American voter.

Obama has over-reached with his attempts to pass universal health care and "cap and trade". Two things that effect every person in this country. And most do NOT like his proposed changes and see the dangers of government controls in these areas.

Health care has been the killer, and this more than any other single factor has caused his once soaring poll numbers to go south. Its seems however that he is unable or unwilling to back away from this toxic issue and it is his undoing. In the beginning Obama's popularity helped him in the great debate, but as time progressed and American became more and more familiar with the details his continued effort to push it only caused his numbers to go lower and lower.

One thing you can say about Obama is that he did come to Washington to do something. He came to introduce a new collective form of government to a nation that is historically individualistic. He over-reached and just like the little kid in the candy store whose parent must restrain him, the American people have finally said, " No Barry"!

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