Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Second American Revolution

At first I was amused and simply brushed aside the early Tea Parties and gave them little chance of effecting the American political system. I was wrong, boy was I wrong! This has turned into what many are now calling the "Second American Revolution" and it the end it may put to rest the creeping socialism that both parties have been guilty of pushing on a sleeping American giant, the common man. Millions have rallied and the numbers seem to be growing as more and more of the Health Care Bill is revealed and as the massive spending of the liberals in Washington goes unabated with total disregard to public opinion.

Things are quickly coming to a head and those forces on the left who stubbornly cling to their discredited values are beginning to feel the wrath of the American people---the American people who pay their bills---the American people who work hard and pay their taxes---the American people who for too long have been silent, while those on the left yelled and screamed to get their message out---the American people whose silence was taken as an endorsement for more government control and more government spending---finally, the American people are no longer silent and that silence has been broken by the roar of the crowd, or if you like,"the mob" and can be heard across this great country from the lighthouse on the rocky coast of Maine through the vast heartland and to the Golden Gate. The cry is not "the British are coming", the cry of this Second American Revolution is "No More Big Government---Leave Me and Mine Alone"!

by Ron Russell

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