Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The New American Racist

So that there we be no misunderstanding about the comments in the paragraph immediately following this let me stress it is satire and only meant to highlight the comments in the second paragraph. Some may see it as racist as they see Joe Wilson's, "You Lie" remarks to Obama. Those on the left can no longer hide behind crys of "racism". That accusation has lost it true meaning and those who insist on using it are doing black people no favor and if anything are actually hurting their cause.

I fit the profile. I'm white, I'm conservative, I'm southern, and I hate what Obama is doing to the country. I plead guilt! Damn I want to go right straight to the front of the line. The line forming at the linen closet where all the white sheets are kept. I want to be in the front of the line at the hardware store where the rope is sold, maybe the owner is racist too and will give me free rope. I'm really getting anxious now, anxious for the lynching that's coming. I'm starting to tremble with eager anticipation at the site of this black man hanging from that huge oak down at the court house. I can hear the cheering mobs already---lynch that ni******r. Damn, it's going to be a great night!

This is what Obama's supporters have brought us to as he sits back and says he doesn't see racism while at the same time refusing to condemn those many voices in high places hollowing "RACISM". This "post racial" president is a liar and a fraud and perhaps, just perhaps the biggest racist of them all. Many Americans have had enough, more than enough. These racist charges are beginning to fall on deaf ears and the deafening crys of racism have punctured the ear drums of most by now. Like the boy who cried "Wolf", people are no longer listening. The word "racist" use to have some meaning, but a new meaning is emerging and the new meaning is "One who disagrees with Obama". So my fellow Americans welcome aboard, welcome to the newest and fastest growing majority in American, welcome my fellow racist. I welcome the title, hell I embrace it for I know its true meaning. I am the new "American Racist"!

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