Sunday, August 9, 2009

S.E.I.U. Attacks Protester at Missouri Townhall Meeting

What the Obama administration is doing now in what one would expect by a Chicago Mobster and is normal in windy city politics. Barack and Rham are now attempting to stifle dissent with strong arm tactics by using the thugs from SEIU (Service Employees International Union) and have no doubt about it many of these "community organizers" are "1st Class Baboons" really the best way to describe them. Thugs is actually to polite a term for this scum. Recently at a town hall meeting in Missouri held by Democrat, Russ Carnahan many of these "Baboons" showed up at his event, some of them were let in the back door by the organizers of the event while those opposed to Obama's plan to socialize our medical care system had to wait patiently in line to be admitted to the event. Some of these SEIU pawns remained outside to hassle those who were there only to participate in the event. One of those these, an older black man named Kenneth Gladney who was passing out "Gadsden Flags" the well know and respected "Don't Tread on Me" flag was assaulted by six of the pawns from SEIU. Nothing and I mean nothing disturbs those on the left as the sight of a black man supporting protest against Obama's policies. Kenneth was push down and kicked by these unAmerican thugs, these baboons, these henchmen of Obama. I close by asking only one question: "Who is the mob here and who are the victims of this mob?" Obama has opened Pandora's box and will reap the whirlwind therein!
by Ron Russell

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