Saturday, August 15, 2009

Obama is Sorry in Everyway

Obama is Sorry About America!

But He is Sorry for America!


iceses_usa said...

Obama did not win the Presidency, it was bought and paid for, by George Soros. You can not call this man Barack Obama President, he's a sociopath in full psychosis. George Soros owns Obama lock stock and barrel, Obama's teleprompter our the words of Soros, Soros is the puppeteer, Obama is the puppet.

Anonymous said...

(Death panel) started during the Clinton administration, it was the democrat supreme court that put in law to "Euthanize" the elderly. However Obamanation Healthcare will make it federal law to "Euthanize" the elderly without consent. Hospice has been euthanizing without the love ones knowledge, even the elderly never knew they were being Euthanized.