Monday, July 20, 2009

California Now the Nation Next

by Ron Russell
The liberal state government in California knows only one thing, spend-spend-spend its their answer to any problem they see, in short its the liberal way. The government of California has thrown out the welcome mat to any illegal who find his way to the "Nanny" state. The state offers them medical services, social welfare programs and just about anything they want. Is it any wonder most stay in the Nanny state. For years California has been on the cutting edge of many liberal programs, unrealistic CAFE programs(which the Obama administration has now adopted), no reform of welfare programs(when almost ever other state has adopted welfare reform) and a multitude of radical environmental programs(which are draining the states coffers). The state government in California has caved-in to labor and those on the public dole and gives those two groups many special benefits which in the end cost the other citizens of the Nanny state billions of dollars each year, and at the same time prevents businesses such as WalMart and others from locating in the state and providing the consumers with lower prices. The government of California has even tried to impose eating standards on its citizens, because some feel the government has a duty to determine how the average citizen should conduct their lives. In short, the people of California have had their state ruined by a handful of semi-socialist(we know whats best for you) bureaucrats in the state house in Sacramento. I also suspect that the Obama administration is now considering bailing out the state since this state more than any other has policies in place that mirror the policies that the administration in Washington is attempting to install nationwide. Therefore, it cannot let this state fail, because failure there would send a signal that the policies of the Obama administration will lead to a similar nationwide failure.

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