Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Obama Wants You!!

Don't Laugh About The Fly,
Because You Are Next!!

Recently Obama swatted a lowly fly during one of his many interviews. The nation cheered at the somewhat comical sight. Yes, the quick hand of the President proved to much for the hapless fly and the victory was quickly won by the nation's 44th president. The media cheered and the masses applauded and marveled as the great one subdued and slayed the six-legged monster. The fly had almost no friends and few mourned his passing with the possible exception of the fly-lovers at PETA! The fly was just one of many trophy's added to the great hunters den wall in the few short months of his presidency. It will be placed along side of AIG, U.S. Banks, GM, Chrysler, MSM and soon Medical Care which is being stuffed by the White House Taxidermist as we write this post. Many other spaces remain on Obama's den wall. The plagues are already in place just waiting for the mounted heads. Among the many we noticed were: Coal Producers, Power Companies, Fast Food Outlets, FOX News, Talk Radio, Exxon, U.S. Airlines, State Government, Churches, and the biggest empty space with a plague reading YOU!

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