Sunday, June 21, 2009

Marijuana and Obama's Utopian Dream

Recently, I came across a post on Sugar n Spice concerning a recent interview Obama gave to "60 Minutes". In the interview Obama is seen giggling and laughing and is called on it by the reporter, to which he replies "well you need a little gallows humor" or something to that effect. Glad he mentioned hanging and not some conservative---know that would have created something of a fire-storm. Sugar mentioned in her post that Barack looked and acted like he was high---the giggles, laughs, etc. Guess the truth will never be known---his actions did raise some eye-brows, however.

Anyway after reading Sugar's post and viewing the "60 Minutes" video, I got to thinking about by days some years ago and my frequent visits with Maryjane (marijuana). Often I would come in after a long hard day at the office change clothes and go to my friends house. There Tim, my friend, and I would relax and fire-up the old bong and enjoy the sultry Florida evening. During those long (and they were long) evenings we would discuss and solve most of the world's problems. However, I did notice the next day that all the solutions had slipped away and not to be retrieved until our next visit to Maryjanes place. During the trips Tim and I saw somethings differently--I would focus on the small (like looking at the details of the bark on a tree), while my friend would focus on the large (the whole forest and beyond). I was looking to the infinity of the small and he the infinity of the large. He often said, "where the big meets the small there you would find the answer to it all." Tim is gone now, died at the young age of 44. I miss my friend. Enough of the reminiscing, back to Sugar's post on Obama.

While reading Sugar's post I was reminded of Jonahan Swift's, Gulliver's Travels. And 3 or the 4 stories in his satire. The first being the best known of his visit to the land of the Lilliputians---the examination of the small and seemingly petty things in life. And next the visit to the land of the giants (the Brobdingnagians)---holding the magnifying glass up to the world and pointing out the imperfections. And finally, the land of the horses (the Houyhnhnms)---there Gulliver saw the perfection in nature, a Utopia. So as I read Sugar's post I was wondering what Obama was thinking of, if indeed, he was in a cloud of smoke--the Lilliputians, the Brobdingnagians, or the Houyhnhnms. Suddenly, the reality hit me---of course it was the Houyhnhnms! There he would have found his vision of a "Socialist Utopia." The perfect world which all liberals dream of and wish to impose on us all for our own good. Or maybe he sees something more ominous---he is Gulliver and we, well we are the Lilliputians.

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