Friday, May 22, 2009

Israel and Iran

by Ron Russell
Recently I came across a post on Right Truth entitled "Iranian Missle Watch and Israel" a very detailed and informative post and I certainly recommend this as a worthwhile read. Below is a summary of my comments on this post:

Should the Israeli decide to take out the Iranian nuclear facilities I feel they have the ability to take out many of the key sites. The big ones at Natanz and Bushehr being the most important. In the past the Israeli have come up with unexpected ways to accomplish their goals. I'm old enough to remember the "Six Day War" when the Egyptians blockaded the Straits of Tiran, thereby shutting down the Israeli port of Elat and denying Israel an exit to the Red Sea (Israel could not use the Suez Canal at that time). The Israeli responded with an unexpected air strike on the Egyptian Air Force, by sending their airforce some 300 or so miles out into the Mediterrian Sea north of Egypt and coming in from that direction, avoiding Egyptian radar focused to the east and at the same time sending their tank forces into the Sinai and by-passing the fixed Egyptian positions in the desert--theirs were classic moves and well thought out.

Bebe, sees a clear and present danger from Iran and knows that continued negotiations with Iran are futile(Obama is yet to see this), and are simply stalling tactics to gain more time to complete their nuclear program. Everyone seems to know this except Obama and many on the left who have put their heads in the sand. I suspect however, if the truth was really known, that Obama and those on the left actually favor the Arabs (and I should say Persians) in this conflict. I see nothing in Obama's background that would lead him to support the Israeli positions. If I had to bet, I contend that he is anti-Israel and would love to see the Jewish state disappear. Many, many on the left hold this position and make no secret about it.

I think the onrushing events will soon overtake Netanyahu and he will be forced to act. Events are moving quickly and the "Dogs of War" will soon be released. Whether waves or ripples will come from the attack reminds to be seen, but from the Israeli perspective I feel they see few if any options.

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